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The CRIFOR business is born out of the passion. The passion for a noble and old material, already used in the ancient Greece, and born from stone to model itself and become stone again: the concrete or, as we like to call it, the artificial stone…


These are the answers to why using concrete tanks in the fermentation, elaboration, aging, and keeping of wine.

Natural Insulation

The heat conductivity of the concrete is ten times lower than the one of the stainless steel to reach the same thickness, but obviously the thickness used for the concrete is larger than the one used with the stainless steel, it is then when the difference is further aggravated.

The concrete tank is 350 times more insulating than the stainless steel tank, and this is, without a doubt an advantage in any of the productive processes of the wine.

The concrete obtains an stabilizing effect in the wine’s temperature, avoiding peaks that are harmful to the yeast. Inside of a concrete tank everything is more gradual, softer, without sudden changes, which is appreciated during the fermentation, but also in the storage or in the aging.


The concrete is a porous material due to its elaboration process and the materials with which it is composed. The concrete used in our tanks guarantees the air tightness, at the same time that provides them with microporosity, allowing a certain permeability to the flowing of oxygen.

The process called microoxygenation is the one making the wines evolve in a different way and to endure the time, obtaining results similar to the ones get with oak barrels, but keeping a purest flavour.

The permeability of every tank is a unique feature that the client must know, not every kind of grape needs the same contribution of microoxygenation, and we are aware of that fact.

Neutral Material

When we use an oak barrel to age a wine, not only do we obtain a microoxygenation of that wine, but also the wood relinquishes its tannins and its aromatic values during all the aging process unable to stable it.

The concrete of the tanks does not contain tannins, and the scent that it may get to transfer to the wine is soft and mineral, therefore we can achieve a natural microoxygenation inside of a tank made of a very neutral material. We can also have the possibility of using the same arids that are part of the soil in which the grape is cultivated to produce the concrete of the tank.

Can you imagine it? The same arid present in the cultivation of the grape may later serve to store and age the resulting wine. Small mineral notes originating from the cultivation area. Is there something more authentic?


These are the answers to why choose the CRIFOR tanks.

10 years Warranty

We are sure of what we are doing, that is why we guarantee our product. The concrete of our tanks is a long-lasting, hard-wearing material, and our production process is highly controlled, that is the reason why we give a 10 year warranty against structural breaks and leaks.

Our customers can have the certainty and tranquility of buying a safe product, not worrying about leaks or breaks that may damage the product. The 10 year warranty makes us different.

Natural procedures and one piece construction

The making of a concrete without any type of additive or addition increases the difficulty when producing, likewise if we add that our tanks are made of a single piece, then the process of production becomes something rather complex that requires our every effort.

The CRIFOR tanks are manufactured at once, this means that concrete joints do not exist, being that when the mould starts to fill, the process is not interrupted until the tank is completely filled. We control each parameter in the production to guarantee an homogeneous concrete with the characteristics of permeability adapted to the needs of our costumers. At the moment of manufacturing, we embed every accessory requested by our customers, obtaining a MONOBLOC tank which includes all the extras.

Our customer can choose among different interior and exterior finishes, from the sanding, through the mortars and grouts, to the epoxy finishes (in this last case, microoxygenation is not available.)

In CRIFOR, we can mould, on request of the client, as many shapes as desired. Our experience in the structural calculus and the production of the concrete allows us to make the dreams of our costumers a reality. We know that the geometry which optimizes more the space and the time is the rectangular cube, that’s why our basic range is based on that geometry. However, we do not give up to the fantasy of design and impossible shapes, we know that a concrete tank may decorate the most incredible spaces.

The geometry of the inside of our tanks is not a chance result, we carried out an intense field work talking with many producers of the area, who have advised and guided us in the best interior design. Gradients in the bottom of the tank in order to make the work easier, shapes in the roof to avoid undesired oxygen bags, large bevels on the corners to avoid the dirt accumulation and facilitate the cleaning, etc. Details in the exterior of the tanks denote our concern for the needs of our customers. Gradients in the top used to vacate possible spills, cable ducts embedded in the concrete, and a drain placed internally on the wall that carries the remains to a container in the underneath of the tank.

During the elaboration of the wine, it may become necessary to control the temperature and, in some occasions, to intervene in order to regulate it. We offer the possibility of incorporate, during the production, a pipe system immersed in the thickness of the tank’s walls that is going to regulate the temperature of the wine without coming into contact with it.

This system facilitates the inside cleaning of the tank at the same time that transmits the temperature in a more gradual way and better distributed through all the concrete’s area. Once again, we obtain an interaction with the wine softer and without sudden changes.

One of the mainstain of the CRIFOR tanks is the continuous investment in Investigation and Development, taking into account the Sustainability as well as the respect for the environment.

We call it I.D.S. and it accompanies us in every step we take, no research of new materials, no development of new products or productive processes, nor any advance would have sense without an environmental sustainability. We are also in direct and permanent contact with the professionals who develop their work in the world of the wine.

We carry out technical conferences where we test our tanks, comparing them with each other and with others made with different materials. It is in these interesting conferences where the wines made in our tanks are valued and analyzed, where the conclusions act as a guarantee for our product. Everyone is able to participate in our technical conferences, our only requirement is that you have to contact us first.



The passion…

The passion for a noble and old material, already used in the ancient Greece, and born from stone to model itself and become stone again: the concrete or, as we like to call it, the artificial stone.

The passion for an unalterable material, able to withstand the passage of time without barely any sign of it, born from the ground and improved to the point that it becomes eternal, the stainless steel.

The passion for the art of transformation, of joining different materials, of modeling impossible figures with complicated processes, of looking for the essence of the authentic, of the knowledge that experience gives, producing unique results.

The passion for the world of the wine, born among vineyard lands, sensing in every moment the buqué of a wine that changes through time, a wine that speaks to those who delight in it, telling them the secrets of its journey.


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